When I’m not copywriting, I’m either writing fiction (comedy drama), silly poems (who doesn’t love a silly poem?) or blog posts (about anything from pretending to enjoy camping, to arguing about fiction with the husband).

Anyway, here’s my newsflash: in January I found out I’d been shortlisted for the Bath Children’s Novel Award – a hugely exciting moment in my writing career to date, especially coming just a couple of months after accepting an offer of representation from a literary agent.

Two weeks ago I attended the award ceremony in Bath, and although I didn’t win, making it to the final 5 out of 750 entries was incredibly exciting – as was reading an extract of my Young Adult comedy drama, The Reinvention of Rolo Rawlings, and hearing the audience laugh out loud.

I’m currently developing Rolo further under my agent’s guidance and, all being well, hope to submit to publishers in the near future…

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